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Make your CHM Help Files show HTML5 and CSS3 content

Want to get your CHM files to display content in HTML5 and CSS rather than the stock IE7 quirks more rendering used by default? This blog post describes how you can take advantage of newer HTML and CSS specs in your CHM files.

Using Html Help Builder in Visual Studio 2008

Couple of people asked me over the last few days whether the Help Builder Visual Studio integration works with Orcas and the answer is yes. Automatic installation in Visual Studio 2008 will be provided with the next update shortly but there are a few small things that need to get addressed for this...

Cleaning up a Win32 Application to work under Vista

So for the last few days I've been going through the final steps of updating Help Builder to properly run under Windows Vista without any file permissions, registry or other sort of elevation requirements. In theory the application should run fine after installation without any sort of crutch like...

Help Builder 4.40 Preview Update Posted

I've posted a preview update of Help Builder 4.40 for existing customers of Help Builder (or those trying the demo). I typically don't do this sort of thing for Help Builder, however, this update has a number of fairly major internal re-organizations that deal with Vista compatibility as well as a...

West Wind Html Help Builder Update

I’ve posted an update to Help Builder today after a while of neglecting that product <s>. Actually, I’ve been quietly fixing a number of small issues and bugs that have been reported on the bug report site for Help Builder. Most of these have been minor but possibly annoying issues and quite...
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