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West Wind Html Help Builder Update

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I’ve posted an update to Html Help Builder today after a while of neglecting that product. Actually, I’ve been quietly fixing a number of small issues and bugs that have been reported on the bug report site for Html Help Builder. Most of these have been minor but possibly annoying issues and quite a few of these have been addressed over the last 5 months or so since the last update.


The big reason for this update though is for Vista support. Html Help Builder does a bit of local data stuff in the install folder and this has caused some problems with Vista’s total lockdown of the local folder for write access. Luckily most of this is mitigated by Vista’s folder virtualization which writes local data to a user specific virtual folder, which works well. There are a few other issues with the previous builds in regards to finding the correct version of the .NET runtime for .NET type imports etc. that have also been addressed. Although I don’t have a final release build of Vista in hand, I’ve been running Html Help Builder in a default security environment for a couple of months without any problems now.


Anyway, if you’re a registered user you can just update to the latest version from the Help menu, if not and you’re interested you can download the shareware version from here.


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