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Using Html Help Builder in Visual Studio 2008

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Couple of people asked me over the last few days whether the Html Help Builder Visual Studio integration works with Orcas and the answer is yes. Automatic installation in Visual Studio 2008 will be provided with the next update shortly but there are a few small things that need to get addressed for this update.

In the meantime it's super simple to enable Html Help Builder in Visual Studio 2008: If Html Help Builder is already installed simply copy the Html Help Builder addin file from your Documents\Visual Studio 2005\addins directory to:

Documents\Visual Studio 2008\addins\HelpBuildervs2005Addin.addin

That's all it should take. The Addin file points back at Html Help Builder's add-in and the existing add-in works properly in source code (for editing/updating XML Comments) and in WinForms (for editing and assigning Help Ids in WinForms).

The next Update will have a new configuration option for VS 2008 as well as auto-configuration on first start if VS 2008 is installed at that time:

The existing add-in works fine although there have been a few minor tweaks to get around some very slight behavior changes in VS 2008. The next update should arrive over the weekend.

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Rick Strahl
September 04, 2007

# re: Using Html Help Builder in Visual Studio 2008

The update has gone out today so VS 2008 integration should be automatic now. If you already have Help Builder installed make sure you visit the dialog above to add the VS 2008 support.

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