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WebLog Posts in Category IIS7

Debugging Application_Start and Module Initialization with IIS and Visual Studio

If you're running the full version of IIS and you try to debug your Web application's startup code in Application_Start you might have found that you can't debug this code as the debugger doesn't break there. Here's why and some easy ways you can work around this limitation.

IIS not starting: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process

Ran into a nasty problem today with IIS not starting up and the culprit turned out to be: Skype. Here's what the deal is.

SSL Certificate Renewal Pain

I ran into some problems this time around renewing my SSL certificate for west-wind.com and it looks like the problem is related to how IIS 7 handles renewals. After all the years of problems with certificate renewals in IIS I figured that by now Microsoft would have this nailed, but in the end only a completely new certificate request managed to work for me.
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