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Weblog Posts in July 2011

Opening the Internet Settings Dialog and using Windows Default Network Settings via Code

Most applications that need to use HTTP to go online require some sort of HTTP configuration options to allow for custom network configurations. An easy way to do this is to rely on the default connection settings that Windows provides. Here's how to use the Windows network settings and how to bring them up visually for editing programmatically.

COM ByteArray and Dynamic type issues in .NET

Ran into an interesting issue today with binary data passed from COM to .NET via a dynamic instance. The result was rather unexpected with dynamic failing to properly cast the binary to byte[] or even a basic object instance.

Getting the innermost .NET Exception

In some cases when exceptions are thrown, the innermost exception is what holds the most important information. For example, dynamic method calls via Reflection or dynamic invocation. Here's a simple funciont that is useful for easily retrieving the innermost exception.
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