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Weblog Posts in January 2012

Unable to cast transparent proxy to type <type>

If you've ever run into the Unable to cast Transparent Proxy to error, you know how frustrating it can be. Usually this is caused by multiple assemblies causing unexpected load behaviors. Here's what the problem is and how you can check for problems.

Problems with opening CHM Help files from Network or Internet

Opening CHM files from a non-local location is no longer supported. Conveniently there's no decent error information displayed for this error so your first thought goes that there's something wrong with your help file. Here's an overview of the issue and some solutions on how to deal with it.

IE9 not rendering box-shadow Elements inside of Table Cells

Looks like IE9 has a bug that won't render box-shadow CSS when the box-shadow is contained within a table that has border-collapse set. Here's what the problem is and how to work around it.

XmlWriter and lower ASCII characters

If you've ever tried to generate an XML document from content that contains lower ASCII characters you might have found out that this will throw exceptions. Here's why this happens and how you can work around the issue in a pinch.
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