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HTML5 and CSS3 Editing in Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Write is an excellent tool for editing, managing and publishing blog posts effectively. It includes a nice WYSIWYG editor for editing posts which can work off your blog's CSS styling. Unfortunately Live Writer does not use CSS3 or HTML5 as it's stuck using the IE 7 engine for rendering its live preview and editing mode. Here's a workaround to get Live Writer to render your blog theme using HTML5 and CSS3.

SnagIt Live Writer Plug-in Updated

I've updated my Live Writer SnagIt plugIn that provides screen captures to LiveWriter if you have TechSmith's SnagIt installed for professional looking screenshots directly from SnagIt into your Live Writer posts.

Extending Live Writer for Blog Posting

I've been using Live Writer for writing blog posts for some time and I'mvery happy with the way I can post entries to my Web Log. The process is pretty damn painless compared to what I went through with using Word and uploading images separately at the time. Plug In Creation Over the last couple of...

Building a SnagIt Screen Capture Plugin for Live Writer

I spent a few hours a couple of days ago creating a plugin for Windows Live Writer that allows for easy screen captures. I've long been a huge fan of SnagIt from Techsmith and since SnagIt's capture functionality is available as a COM interface it's quite easy to expose the functionality in other...

BinaryFormatter.Deserialize not finding a type of a Plugin

I'm working on a plug in for LiveWriter that does screen captures with SnagIt and embeds the content directly into the post. Works great, but now I'm to the point that I want to set up some configuration options and serialize them. I use a few simplified serialization functions in my utility...
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