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DevMaven Ads on the Web Log

If you've been visiting here for a while, you may have noted that the advertising on this Web log has been cut down quite a bit recently. At the beginning of the month I decided to switch off from the mish mash of advertising that I was running previously, which included Google Adsense, Steven Smith's Lake Quincy Network, James Avery's The Lounge Network network and some of my own ads....

Customers and POs from Hell

I do most of my business with credit cards and while I realize that the CC companies and merchant banks are making a killing off my sales with merchant percentages, the convenience of having credit card processing fully automated to the point that I often have to do absolutely nothing other than review orders is well worth the extra expense.Credit card processing (or PayPal processing for that...

Registration Ids: The simpler the better?

Having gone through easily 50 registration screens in the last few days, reinstalling applications on my new box got me to once again thinking about registration codes in applications. Somebody last week asked me as I provided them with a software key with Help Builder - what's this - this isn't a...

Component Vendor Selling Practices

Seems like more and more component vendors are getting agressive with their use of copy protection schemes. While I can understand some need to protect software some of this has gotten to the point where the software becomes such a pain in the ass to test and use that the copy protection/registration scheme is enough to scare off potential customers.
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