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Weblog Posts in June 2010

Calling JavaScript functions in the Web Browser Control

If you're using the Web Browser Control or the Internet.Application Shell object, you might need to call Javacript t code inside the pages loaded in the browser to manipulate the page from say a WinForms app that interacts with the Web Browser control. Some things are just much easier to do with client side script code and being able to initiate this code from .NET can be very useful. This entry describes how you can access the DOM to call script functions both in .NET and FoxPro.

Debugging .NET 2.0 Assembly from unmanaged Code in VS2010

I’ve run into a serious snag trying to debug a .NET 2.0 assembly that is called from unmanaged code in Visual Studio 2010. I maintain a host of components that using COM interop and custom .NET runtime hosting and ever since installing Visual Studio 2010 I’ve been utterly blocked by VS 2010’s inability to apparently debug .NET 2.0 assemblies when launching through unmanaged code. Here’s what I’m...
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