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Weblog Posts in January 2011

Changing an HTML Form's Target with jQuery

If you have multiple submit or link buttons in an ASP.NET Page and one or more of those buttons needs to post to a different target there's no built-in way to force one or more of those buttons to POST to a different frame/window. With a little bit of JavaScript though it's real easy to change the form's target dynamically as needed.

Retrieve the full ASP.NET Form Buffer as a String

How do you get the full Request.Form buffer in an ASP.NET request as a string? Here's how with a simple function.

CLR Version issues with CorBindRuntimeEx

I’m working on an older FoxPro application that’s using .NET Interop and this app loads its own copy of the .NET runtime through some of our own tools (wwDotNetBridge). This all works fine and it’s fairly straightforward to load and host the runtime and then make calls against it. I’m writing this up for myself mostly because I’ve been bitten by these issues repeatedly and spend 15 minutes each...

IntelliSense for Razor Hosting in non-Web Applications

Getting IntelliSense into your Razor templates in Visual Studio is possible but there are a few tricks to make it work. Here's how...

Allowing Access to HttpContext in WCF REST Services

WCF REST Services do not make it easy to access all the features of the HTTP protocol, so in some situations it's just much easier to use ASP.NET compatibility to get direct access to the HttpContext object for access of all the HTTP headers and features.

WCF REST Service Activation Errors when AspNetCompatibility is enabled

Ran into a version problem with WCF REST Services when using on IIS and with ASP.NET Compatibility enabled. Turns out there's a potential version conflict in the system .config files that can cause this error to creep up - here's how to fix it.
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