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SnagIt Live Writer Plug-in Updated

I've updated my Live Writer SnagIt plugIn that provides screen captures to LiveWriter if you have TechSmith's SnagIt installed for professional looking screenshots directly from SnagIt into your Live Writer posts.

Building a SnagIt Screen Capture Plugin for Live Writer

I spent a few hours a couple of days ago creating a plugin for Windows Live Writer that allows for easy screen captures. I've long been a huge fan of SnagIt from Techsmith and since SnagIt's capture functionality is available as a COM interface it's quite easy to expose the functionality in other...

MetaWebLog API and Blog Writers

Got a little time last night to add MetaWebLogApi to my Blog in hopes of being able to start using slightly more favorable HTML in my posts. I've been using Word for all of my blogging over the years and while I've tried various tools for publishing posts I've always come back to the convenience of...
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