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Visual Studio 2013 'Could not evaluate Expression' Debugger Abnormality

Ran into an oddball debugger issue last week with an older project in Visual Studio 2013 where all breakpoints show 'Could not evaluate expression' instead of displaying values. This post shows the problem and a couple of ways around it.

Visual Studio Web Publish Lockup? Check for invisible Window

If your Web Publish dialog appears to lock up Visual Studio when you click on the Publish option, most likely the Web Publish window is hidden on a second screen that is not currently visible. Here's how you can work around this annoying little bug.

Debugger Visualizers not working in ASP.NET Medium Trust

Debugger visualizers are quite useful for looking at common content while in the middle of debugging your application. However I've run into a number of problems with the debugger visualizer not popping up in ASP.NET applications due to the security environment. Turns out you need full trust in order to use debugger visualizers in ASP.NET applications.

Open Folder in Windows Explorer in VS 2008

There's a silly little, but very useful addition on the project context menu in Visual Studio 2008 that lets you pop up Explorer in the project's folder easily. Sometimes it's a little thing that makes life a little easier.
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