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DevConnections Session Slides, Samples and Links

Finally getting around to posting links to my DevConnections session in Vegas a couple of weeks ago. It was a fun time after a long absence from speaking...

ASP.NET Connections Slides and Samples Posted

I've posted my session slides and samples from my ASP.NET Connections sessions last week in Orlando. I did three sessions at the conference and you can check out the slides and samples here. All three sessions had extensive samples (and I didn't even get to them all) so if you attended my sessions be sure to take a look at the samples as there's lots of extra stuff that didn't get covered in...

My DevConnection Fall '07 Session Slides and Sample Links

I've posted the updated slides and samples for my DevConnection sessions. As usual the content here has changed a bit from what's on the conference CD as I tend to work and update samples right on up until the last day usually.
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