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WebView2 Home and End Key Problems inside of WPF TabControl Containers

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I've been slowly pushing through my WebView2 conversion of the Markdown Monster Editor component from the old Web Browser control. It has turned into a much bigger job than I wanted it to be due to the async requirements for JavaScript interop resulting in the dreaded Async Application Cascade, but also - and more importantly for this post - a few unexpected Side Effects.

One of these "Side Effects" is: When I first got the WebView2 running with the HTML based editor, I noticed that the Home and End keys were not working. The keys do not work in the editor - initially they did nothing. All other keys and key combos seem to be fine and enter or navigate in the editor, but very specifically Home and End do not work!

Troubleshooting Keyboard Handling - Ugh!

Since I just managed to get the control running and there were still a lot of errors from the interop calls into the control I figured it was probably due to some key processing in the control. But once I started cleaning up my async errors and got the control to run, the problem unfortunately persisted.

It took a few hours for me to track the Home and End key non-workage down through a bunch trial and error tests with the WebView control.

  • Remove all key handlers in JavaScript (doesn't work)
  • Removing all key handlers in .NET (doesn't work)
  • Testing in a standalone WPF Window (works!)
  • Testing as runtime added UserControl (works)
  • Testing adding my Editor Container into standalone form (works)
  • Testing WebView inside of Tab Container (doesn't work - Aha!)
  • Testing Editor Container inside of Tab Container (doesn't work - Aha!)

The latter two scenarios point at the real problem: A WebView running inside of a TabControll

Keyboard Leakage with a TabControl

It turns out the problem occurs when the WebView2 is hosted inside of a TabControl. In that scenario the Home and End key don't work inside of the control. If I have a single tab open the keys are just dead and don't do anything. If I have multiple tabs open the keys navigate to the first and last tab respectively. That's the clue - the TabControl is interfering with the WebView's keyboard handling and stealing focus from the Web Browser for tab navigation.

At first I didn't notice the Tab navigation behavior because I only had a single tab open. In the case the keys just didn't work. But once I opened multiple tabs it became clear that the Tab Control's Tab Navigation was kicking in navigating to the first and last tab respectively rather than handling Home and End in the Editor.

I am actually using a custom Tab Control - the excellent TabablzControl from the Dragablz package - but it inherits the keyboard behavior from the default WPF TabControl. In the testing earlier, both the base TabControl and the TabablzControl exhibit the same key forwarding behavior.

Now it's debatable whether this behavior is correct or not. The TabControl supports turning off navigation features via Keyboard sub-properties, but those seemed to have no effect and the key forwarding happened regardless.

Also, the behavior of WebView2 is different from the old IE based WebBrowser control which had no problem living inside of a Tab Control and was not forwarding keys. It's doubly frustrating because the WebView2 is not forwarding other keys (like Accellerator keys alt for menu and hotkey operations) that I actually would like to see forwarded. Go figure...

Fixing the Keyboard Forwarding in the TabControl

OK, so now that I know the problem, how do I fix it?

The trick is to override the base TabControl or TabablzControl control used and override the OnKeyDown handler to essentially not forward the offending keys:

public class MarkdownMonsterTabControl : TabablzControl
    protected override void OnKeyDown(KeyEventArgs e)
        if (e.Key == Key.Home || e.Key == Key.End)
            return;  // don't process keys


Actually - that's not quite what I'm using: I actually don't call OnKeyDown() at all so I'm not letting the TabControl do any key processing (whatever that might be):

protected override void OnKeyDown(KeyEventArgs e)
     // bypass all TabControl key processing

I already have custom tab handling in place for rotating through open tabs and closing etc. so I don't actually need the default behavior (and it doesn't work properly with tab re-ordering).

I'll review this as needed. I may have to adjust to return some functionality that I might not be aware of, or possibly may also need to add OnKeyUp() to handle additional keys etc. For now this solves my problem of the missing Home and End key processing.

Several people mentioned that overriding events should also fix the problem, but it turns out that it doesn't:

protected override void OnInitialized(EventArgs e)

	// hook up key event rather than overriing base control
    PreviewKeyDown += MarkdownMonsterTabControl_PreviewKeyDown;

private void MarkdownMonsterTabControl_PreviewKeyDown(object sender, KeyEventArgs e)
	// doesn't work - home and end still not working
    e.Handled = true;

I suspect this is because the base behavior is independent of the key events that are externally exposed by the TabControl.

KeyboardNavigation Properties?

The TabControl has several keyboard navigation properties that - in theory - should disable navigation and not cause this keyboard interference.

I tried these:

<mmcontrols:MarkdownMonsterTabControl x:Name="TabControl" x:FieldModifier="public" Grid.Column="2"

But that seemed to have no effect on tab navigation. With these set as show, I still ended up navigating on Home, End and Ctrl-Tab. Grrr... Too easy to work I guess.

So the OnKeyDown() override hack is still the way to go that works.

Finishing up

What's left to do then is to replace the original TabalzControl with the new MarkdownMonsterTabControl in the XAML markup:

<mmcontrols:MarkdownMonsterTabControl x:Name="TabControl" x:FieldModifier="public" Grid.Column="2" 

and also replace some of the custom styles to point at the new control - for now needed both for the standard and customized Tab Controls:

<Style TargetType="{x:Type dragablz:TabablzControl}" BasedOn="{StaticResource {x:Type dragablz:TabablzControl}}">
     <!--  // same as below -->

 <Style TargetType="{x:Type mmcontrols:MarkdownMonsterTabControl}" BasedOn="{StaticResource {x:Type dragablz:TabablzControl}}">
     <Setter Property="ItemContainerStyle" Value="{StaticResource MarkdownMonsterTrapezoidDragableTabItemStyle}" />
     <Setter Property="AdjacentHeaderItemOffset" Value="-12" />
     <Setter Property="ShowDefaultAddButton" Value="True" />
     <Setter Property="ShowDefaultCloseButton" Value="True" />

And now I'm back to a working control. Yay! But a big thumbs down for the change in behavior compared to the WebBrowser control.


This key forwarding problem where the Tab Control's navigation is interfering with the normal key handling inside of the WebView2 control is a very specific problem to run into. But I think hosting a WebView2 inside of a tab is probably not uncommon, so I expect other people will run into this issue from time to time too. Hopefully this post will help point people in the right direction of working around TabControl - or other container control key interference with the WebView.

Carry on!

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The Voices of Reason


Thomas Levesque
May 26, 2021

# re: WebView2 Home and End Key Problems inside of WPF TabControl Containers

No wonder you couldn't change this behavior with KeyboardNavigation properties, it's hard-coded.

I don't really understand the explanation in the comments, but there must be a good reason why they did this...

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