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Dev Intersection 2017 Session Slides and Samples Posted

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I've posted my Session Slides and code samples from last week's DevIntersection conference. It's been a while since I've been at a .NET Conference and as always after all the toil and tension getting ready for sessions, it all ends up being a blast as was catching up with friends after hours.

Thanks for those of you that attended my sessions and filled out the sessions rooms so nicely 😃. There were also a lot of good questions and discussions after all sessions which is always great. I was especially happy to see so many turn out to the Localization talk - which is a tough sell in the best of circumstances, and especially tough as the last session on the last day.

Here are the three sessions (or two if I count the Angular/ASP.NET one as a single long session).

  • Using Angular with ASP.NET Core
    Part 1: Getting started
    Part2: Putting it all together

    Part 1 of this session was basically an all code demo for creating a first Angular app and then hooking it up to an ASP.NET Core backend API. Part 2 then looked at a more realistic albeit small application and dives into the details about how to integrate Angular and ASP.NET and manage many common aspects like error handling, user authentication, deployment and hosting and more.

    The slides for these sessions are combined into a single large deck that are much more numerous than what I used during the session, filling in the details that were either covered by code samples or handled in the live coding bits.

    Samples and Slides:

  • Localization in ASP.NET Core
    This session introduced localization in .NET in general and then jumped into the specifics of how to use the new dependency injection based localization features in ASP.NET Core. Several sample pages that are provided in the Github link below. The session also covered how to use Westwind.Globalization as a database driven resource localizer, along with a discussion on how to implement a custom Localizer implementation in .NET Core.

    Samples and Slides:

Hope some of you find these materials useful. Enjoy.

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The Voices of Reason


November 16, 2017

# re: Dev Intersection 2017 Session Slides and Samples Posted

Hi Rick

Do you know if you’re sessions videos are available to view online?

Rick Strahl
November 16, 2017

# re: Dev Intersection 2017 Session Slides and Samples Posted

@Walter - no - my sessions weren't recorded.

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