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Talking about ASP.NET 5 on .NET Rocks

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Last week I got a chance to talk to Carl and Richard about my experiences with ASP.NET 5. The good, the bad and the obnoxious. Ok maybe none of the latter. We had a great discussion on why we need a reboot on ASP.NET and how the process of building ASP.NET has affected developers trying to keep up with the 'beta' releases.

ASP.NET 5 is a major reboot of ASP.NET and there are a ton of great features that drive the platform forward. Some of my favorite features are the unified model for MVC and API, the middle pipeline for extensibility, Tag Helpers, and the ability to actually run code and develop DNX on other platforms. But, as cool as ASP.NET 5's new features are there are also a lot of pain points at this point in the development cycle of the product. This is not a minor upgrade, but rather a shift in a way similar that the original ASP.NET was from classic ASP. There are many familiar concepts but a lot of the cheese has completely moved.  In this show we talked about the things that make ASP.NET 5 great and necessary but also some of the issues that have made working with it at this point an adventure in configuration tweaking.

As a side note Carl and Richard make these shows so easy to do. In fact when we got to the end all I could think was "Where did the time go?" Felt like we could have gone on for another hour (well I did anyway :-))

You can check it out here:

Developing using ASP.NET vNext with Rick Strahl

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The Voices of Reason


Brett Baggott
September 29, 2015

# re: Talking about ASP.NET 5 on .NET Rocks

Great talk Rick. I liked how you weren't necessarily pro or con but tried to take a pragmatic middle ground. I completely agree with you about the "alpha" beta and thought it was funny that I was going through my beta7 to beta8 process (with still significant changes) while you were talking about how you thought beta6 (or was it beta4) was pretty much stable... But I really do think they've got it ironed out with beta8 (at least I hope so according to the roadmap).

I am _very_ encouraged by the direction of ASP.NET 5 and I feel it's completely necessary in order to stay relevant in today's development environment. You may not agree with 100% of the changes, not sure I do either, but that this level of change was needed... well, I'd like to hear anyone's argument for the alternative. And I would urge anyone with an argument to seriously consider _why_ these changes were made. In my opinion, they weren't made just to move our cheese.

Brett Baggott
October 17, 2015

# re: Talking about ASP.NET 5 on .NET Rocks

So I was confused in my original post and I was actually doing beta6 to beta7, but I've just spent the last few days going over beta7 to beta8. I would _love_ to hear your take on the move to Kestrel for backing Windows (as well as OS X / *nix) based on the new HttpPlatformHandler (for CoreCLR obviously). Actually any other beta8 thoughts you have too.

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