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Cordova and Visual Studio CODE Magazine Article

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Nice – looks like my Cordova with Visual Studio article went live today in CODE Magazine as the cover article:

I’ve been doing quite a bit of hybrid Cordova development in the last few months with a couple of customer projects as well as a couple of pet projects. I’ve been really impressed with the tooling that Visual Studio provides for building and testing Cordova apps, especially for iOS devices. This article reflects my experiences specifically with a focus on the iOS development and debugging cycle applied to a small sample project.

I created a small sample app that is described in the article and provided on GitHub for you to play with:

The app is a small AngularJS application that runs with local data. I’ve used this app for a number of different samples including MVC, SPA, Web API and vNext examples, so if you’ve followed some of my other articles you probably find this sample familiar. For Cordova, this sample was modified a bit to be more mobile friendly and adapt better for different mobile device formats.

Anyway, go check out the article – I think it’s a good (and long) one.


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Dave Ward
March 05, 2015

# re: Cordova and Visual Studio CODE Magazine Article

Nice. I just pulled my first print copy of CODE magazine out of the mailbox this afternoon and thought that would be an interesting article to read since I've been doing a lot of Cordova work lately myself. Didn't realize you wrote it. I will definitely find some time to read it now.

Rick Strahl
March 06, 2015

# re: Cordova and Visual Studio CODE Magazine Article

Thanks Dave. If you've already been doing Cordova development there's probably not much new stuff here, except maybe the focus on Visual Studio, which I was rather impressed with in how easy it makes the development process even with iOS.

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