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DevConnections jQuery Session Slides and Samples posted

On this page:

I’ve posted all of my slides and samples from the DevConnections VS 2010 Launch event last week in Vegas. All three sessions are contained in a single zip file which contains all slide decks and samples in one place:


There were 3 separate sessions:

Using jQuery with ASP.NET

Starting with an overview of jQuery client features via many short and fun examples, you'll find out about core features like the power of selectors to select document elements, manipulate these elements with jQuery's wrapped set methods in a browser independent way, how to hook up and handle events easily and generally apply concepts of unobtrusive JavaScript principles to client scripting. The session also covers AJAX interaction between jQuery and the .NET server side code using several different approaches including sending HTML and JSON data and how to avoid user interface duplication by using client side templating. This session relies heavily on live examples and walk-throughs.

jQuery Extensibility and Integration with ASP.NET Server Controls

One of the great strengths of the jQuery Javascript framework is its simple, yet powerful extensibility model that has resulted in an explosion of plug-ins available for jQuery. You need it - chances are there's a plug-in for it! In this session we'll look at a few plug-ins to demonstrate the power of the jQuery plug-in model before diving in and creating our own custom jQuery plug-ins. We'll look at how to create a plug-in from scratch as well as discussing when it makes sense to do so. Once you have a plug-in it can also be useful to integrate it more seamlessly with ASP.NET by creating server controls that coordinate both server side and jQuery client side behavior. I'll demonstrate a host of custom components that utilize a combination of client side jQuery functionality and server side ASP.NET server controls that provide smooth integration in the user interface development process. This topic focuses on component development both for pure client side plug-ins and mixed mode controls.

jQuery Tips and Tricks

This session was kind of a last minute substitution for an ASP.NET AJAX talk. Nothing too radical here :-), but I focused on things that have been most productive for myself. Look at the slide deck for individual points and some of the specific samples.


It was interesting to see that unlike in previous conferences this time around all the session were fairly packed – interest in jQuery is definitely getting more pronounced especially with microsoft’s recent announcement of focusing on jQuery integration rather than continuing on the path of ASP.NET AJAX – which is a welcome change.

Most of the samples also use the West Wind Web & Ajax Toolkit and the support tools contained within it – a snapshot version of the toolkit is included in the samples download. Specicifically a number of the samples use functionality in the ww.jquery.js support file which contains a fairly large set of plug-ins and helper functionality – most of these pieces while contained in the single file are self-contained and can be lifted out of this file (several people asked).

Hopefully you'll find something useful in these slides and samples.

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Jim Day
April 19, 2010

# re: DevConnections jQuery Session Slides and Samples posted

Would the jquery content pertain equally to Web Connection?

Rick Strahl
April 20, 2010

# re: DevConnections jQuery Session Slides and Samples posted

@Jim - a lot of the intro session and samples is pure client side stuff so this applies to Web Connection just as well. The server side stuff though - while similar in design since Fox Web Connection uses many of the same classes and components - is going to be completely different. But you can probably figure out the relative WWWC components to use...

Matt Slay
April 21, 2010

# re: DevConnections jQuery Session Slides and Samples posted

Thanks for sharing this. I look forward to working through the slides and samples. Wish I could have been there.

April 28, 2010

# re: DevConnections jQuery Session Slides and Samples posted

Great sessions at devconnections....Thanks for the samples....


April 29, 2010

# re: DevConnections jQuery Session Slides and Samples posted

I know i posted this in the other article but as it's around 2yrs old i thought no one may see it.

I was wondering if it was possible to get the code for the photoalbum. I could not locate it in the zip file.


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