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[11/15/2008: updated with the full sequence of shots]

Just got a funny picture from the Gorge from last summer that I’d thought I’d share. It’s one heck of a of a wipeout sequence of a backloop on a big day at Arlington last year in the summer:

Nice start but oops there go the feet out of the straps.

No feet = no good, so let’s hit the emergency exit button. Toss, toss…

Hey were are you going? Come back, come back!!! Gear took off another way. Airwalking home…Wipeout3


I remember this day and this wipeout on a backloop in particular – the board just  got away from me as I slipped out of the footstraps. I went one way (down) and the board went another. I particularily like the last picture with the horrified look, of the gear taking off even higher.

Fun… and no wipeouts like this are generally harmless although falling out of the sky from 15 feet or so can make for a bad landing at times. I’m used to it – there are more wipeouts than landings of these :-}.

Thanks to Richard Hallman who got these shots and also another nice sequence from a different day also at Arlington that I think is also extremely awesome and so memorable of last year’s epic sessions out at Arlington. And maybe not as embarrassing as the big wipeout above.

Big waves on the Columbia River at Arlington. This is NOT the ocean!


And yes – I’m proud to say I made that cutback and sailed away from it. 

Also a memorable day. It was blowing mid 40’s (mph) that day and it was late in the day – by the end of the day I was the only one left out on the water after a 4.5 hour session in this madhouse wind. I think that was the best day I’ve ever had in the Gorge… ah memories.

Bummer I didn’t get to see any days like this year in my short time in the Gorge. Next year.

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The Voices of Reason


October 09, 2008

# re: Wipeout

That's awesome! I love it when pictures happen to grab amazing things by accident.

Here's one that was slightly more painful taken of me biking around Mt Majura in Canberra:

Rick Strahl
October 09, 2008

# re: Wipeout

@BBQNinja - oh man, I bet that hurt a lot more than my wipeout!!! This is why I stick to the water when going big - soft(er) landings.

Rob Howard
October 09, 2008

# re: Wipeout

...so jealous.

October 09, 2008

# re: Wipeout

That reminds me that I really need to get down to the gorge this year for some of that. Well, maybe I can prevent busting my ass too much, but regardless.

...and yeah, 15ft, without a straight in dive, hurts like hell. :(

October 10, 2008

# re: Wipeout

Ragdoll physics in action. Hey, but BBQNinja's wipeout looks far, far more painful. Have you ever been hit by your own board after wiping? A surfer buddy of mine was surfing without a tether (not sure if that matters) and took one right to the head. He survived, though. :-)

Steve from Pleasant Hill
October 10, 2008

# re: Wipeout

This should be filed in the dictionary under "Ooops!"

E.R. Gilmore
October 11, 2008

# re: Wipeout

Nothing more fun than bailing out of a close out wave and doing a swan dive. In contrast, I find my return to my old skateboard vert tricks slow going because concrete is not very forgiving.

I noticed you're reading Jared Diamond. Have you read Guns, Germs, and Steel?

October 14, 2008

# re: Wipeout

Did you get out late Monday when the big NW swell finally kicked in? Uppers was fun, though a bit crowded. Jake Miller had a few scrapes from getting slammed on the reef at Kuau. Also check out giampaulo's site for hookipa pics http://mauisurfreport.blogspot.com/. The kai lenny broken mast sequence is pretty funny. Now all we need is the trades to come back...

October 24, 2008

# re: Wipeout

Is this you?

E.R. Gilmore
November 15, 2008

# re: Wipeout

Since my last post in this thread, I managed to hang up dropping into a 6ft bowl and landed with a thud, jamming my metal wrist guard protector into my ribs. I was back in the saddle today at a 9' deep pool. There was a kid, seven yrs old, that was shredding harder than I ever will.

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