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Updated Data Driven ASP.NET Resource Provider Posted

On this page:

I've updated the code, samples and documentation for the wwDbResourceProvider project that provides a database driven Resource provider for ASP.NET. The tool provides two separate providers (one simple raw provider and one based on a full resource manager) as well an ASP.NET front end application that allows for dynamic resource editing and updating.

You can find the download, white paper and online samples here:

In this update there have been a handful of fixes especially related to RESX resource imports and exports which caused problems in certain RESX scenarios. In addition there have been a number of UI updates and fixes for the ASP.NET UI front end for editing resources in real time. I've also updated the online demo and hopefully added a few more restrictions that will keep the demo from breaking from malicious free form data entry. There are always some folks who'll try to screw things up on purpose (and i just dug my own grave, eh?). The new code adds a number of additional checks for invalid Locales and the a few more demo specific checks that disable certain features in the online demo that made it a bit too easy to break the application with invalid resources.

Keeping up with Demo Maintenance

Phew. Keeping up with keeping the demo of an administrative tool like this running as a demo is tough since this is a scenario that the front end wasn't really designed for. <shrug> I hope the recent changes will keep the demo running for a while, although I'm sure I'll have to update the data from time time. Thank god for Sql Data Compare, which makes short work of the update process - it's just a matter of remembering from time to time...

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The Voices of Reason


Kevin Pirkl
March 11, 2008

# re: Updated Data Driven ASP.NET Resource Provider Posted

Your details White paper link is broke btw.. Slick bit of work Rick, Very Very nice... I made a proposal of using jQuery and Resource files (DLL or DB) for auto label population (Zero Code ASP.Net Localization via jQuery & JSON http://softwarecommunity.intel.com/videos/home.aspx?fn=100038) but this bit of work you have done is like 1000X cooler. It would be nice to mesh jQuery into this tool to provides .js file based on the fly localization as well.

As always awesome work.

Hey do you use twitter at all?

Tim Stewart
November 21, 2008

# re: Updated Data Driven ASP.NET Resource Provider Posted

Any plans to update this to work on ASP.NET MVC?

I've got it partially working, but only basically as a web interface to maintain resx files.
I wasn't able to get the system to use the data for the resources.. I would totally appreciate an example of some kind if you've done such a thing.

timstewnospam@gmailnospam.com (remove the nospam to get my actual email)

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