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The Big 1000

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Woo hoo. I just rolled over the magic 1000 Weblog post mark (uh, 1001 now <sigh>) last night and didn't even notice until today when I was about to post another entry. Looking at the site this morning I realized the big fat triple 0's showing up on the Post count.

It's been a little unceremonious I suppose - it's pure luck that I noticed since I rarely look at the actual post or comment counts these day. Heck I don't even visit the actual site all that often - I post from Live Writer and usually jump straight into my Admin interface if I need to customize my post's attributes so I rarely look at the numbers.

To make things even less ceremonious, the last couple of weeks have been slow for me with posts as I finished up a contract in Europe and started traveling back to the US. Things should pick back up now that I'm back 'on the horse' with a bit more content lining up.

One thousand posts doesn't seem like all that much but this number stretches back over four and a half years with the inaugural post on December 13th, 2003. Looking over those really old posts is like a jump back into history. Then again it was a lot easier back then to find something to write about. Nowadays it's easy to dismiss something simple as too mundane to post about - gotta reconsider that attitude. Some of the most useful posts or that generate the most responses are those quick and dirty hints and tips.

Ok, time to move on - onwards to the next 1000. I suspect it'll take a little longer yet.


Just as I was going to post this entry my server wasn't available. Grrrr... failures are getting more frequent now. Ironically I've spent the last day building up my new server that will replace this box probably next weekend. The Murphy of the old wants to make himself known just one last time. This time I was able to check out the box (the ISP kindly hooked up a separate KVM to the box and it turns out that network card is jittery - box is alive and running locally, but hte network out connection wasn't working. Jiggled the wire a bit and it came right back. In the end opened the box and reseated the card hoping that it'll get me through the next week <g>...

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The Voices of Reason


Eber Irigoyen
August 02, 2008

# re: The Big 1000

congratulations, you've done a great job, your blog has served me as a reference countless times

keep up the good work, and thank you!

Xun Ding
August 03, 2008

# re: The Big 1000


a concrete proof of what a prolific writer you are.

Time after time, my search led me to your blog, time after time I found greatest appreciation for the writing, wisdom, honesty and humor, and of course, a lot of insight in programming. Also, you are also always ahead.

Great blog. In my blog roll. Even though I am one of the anonyous million.

Mike Borozdin
August 03, 2008

# re: The Big 1000

Congratulations! You are really doing a good job. It is always interesting to read your posts. Besides valuable content you have a also a very good writing style.

So keep it up :)!

August 03, 2008

# re: The Big 1000

You rock!

August 05, 2008

# re: The Big 1000

Congrats. Wish you another ZERO in your blog :-)

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