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Update to free Web Configuration Utility

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I mentioned this in passing last week, but I’ve updated my simple Web Configuration Utility to provide better support for IIS 7 and setting up Application Pools and .NET versions properly.


The tool is meant as a quick configuration tool that can be packaged with an application so it’s quick to set up a virtual directory, directory permissions and if necessary setting SQL Server/MSDE by adding accounts and or configuring the authentication mode.


I set up a lot of local Web sites on my local machine and often for clients when training and while I feel at home in the IIS Service manager (which is much nicer in IIS 7 BTW), it’s still so much faster to simply plop this utility into the virtual and run it. More importantly though for demos I often ship this EXE along with the app and the configuration file it creates. If somebody wants to install the application on IIS it’s typically just running the application and clicking ‘Set All’ or run in command line mode.


Anyway – it’s free and you are free to re-distribute it… This version requires .NET 2.0.

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The Voices of Reason


January 25, 2007

# re: Update to free Web Configuration Utility

Hi Rick,

It's really funny, but clicking on "Free Download" link in ConfigurationUtility page you see the SOURCE CODES (!!!) ... of zip archive :-)))

January 25, 2007

# re: Update to free Web Configuration Utility

ILog - right click the link and save target as...

Rick Strahl
January 25, 2007

# re: Update to free Web Configuration Utility

Ooops... yeah. Side effect of a module that handles the Zip file downloads. Should work correctly now though. I forgot to add the content type header on the zip fies that are passed straight through.

I didn't notice it because IE automatically sniffs the content type if one isn't supplied.

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