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wwHoverPanel Update to co-exist with MS AJAX

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A few people have run into a problem with the wwHoverPanel control when used on a page that also contains an MS AJAX ScriptManager.


I’ve posted a small update to the wwHoverPanel control today that fixes a couple of small problems if used in combination with MS Ajax beta. There were a couple of naming conflicts that caused pages to fail in script. Specifically both libraries include a default debug instance and these variable names were causing problems.


I’ve renamed the debug instance in the wwScriptLibrary.js to _debug which fixes this particular problem. If you’ve been using the script debug object you’ll have to scan through your code and replace that code with _debug instead.


There have also been a few other minor tweaks in the library based on some feedback from various folks (thank you), but none of these require any external changes to existing code.


You can grab the latest version from here:


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