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ASP.NET Connections Fall 2006 Slides and Samples posted

On this page:

I’ve posted my slides and samples for my ASP.NET Connections sessions online. You can grab the following sessions:


A Data-Driven Approach to Localization

This session introduces localization with ASP.NET 2.0 focusing on the basics of how you can localize ASP.NET applications. The focus of this session is resource localization and it dives deep into building a custom ResourceProvider that allows using a database for resource localization. The session provides this data-driven resource provider along with an online Web Resource Editor that can be used to edit resources in real time in your application.


Slides and Samples

Online Sample



Introduction to Ajax Technologies with ASP.NET 2.0

This session introduces the concepts of AJAX and how it works by providing an overview of the underlying technology and demonstrating functionality using several different AJAX tools. Tools used are ScriptCallbacks, a custom implementation (wwHoverPanel) and Anthem.NET. Each approach highlights a different approach to creating AJAX functionality and gives a glimpse of the different mechanisms that are available.


Slides and Samples

Online Samples (not quite current)

wwHoverPanel Samples



Taking MS Ajax for a Ride

This session introduces MS Ajax and talks about overall architecture and then demonstrates the various different mechanisms for providing rich AJAX functionality with this powerful and complex tool. Focus of this sessions is to show some of the behind the scenes workings of the technologies to help understand the different mechanisms and understand when they are used and applied.


Slides and Samples (requires Beta 2)

Online Samples (Beta 2)

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The Voices of Reason


# DotNetSlackers: ASP.NET Connections Fall 2006 Slides and Samples posted

November 12, 2006

# re: ASP.NET Connections Fall 2006 Slides and Samples posted

Thanks for sharing your work!

# re: ASP.NET Connections Fall 2006 Slides and Samples posted

A Data-Driven Approach to Localization was definitly the best session on the conference! A lot of very good information and code. Thank you!

Wes MacDonald
November 13, 2006

# re: ASP.NET Connections Fall 2006 Slides and Samples posted

Sweet! This is awesome.

Rick Strahl's Web Log
November 13, 2006

# ResourceProvider Localization Sample posted - Rick Strahl's Web Log

I’ve been talking for some time about about a localization provider I’ve been working on off and on for my session at ASP.NET Connections next week. I was finally able to post a small sample of what the provider does and what the admin interface looks like as part of my wwHoverPanel AJAX samples. The sample shows resource serving and resource editing in action.

A Continuous Learner's Weblog
November 14, 2006

# A Continuous Learner's Weblog: DevConnections Wrap-up

Rick Strahl's Web Log
November 28, 2006

# Strongly typed Resources in ASP.NET - Rick Strahl's Web Log

If you’ve used WinForms application you might envy the fact that there you get strongly typed resources automatically for your RESX files – the Compiler automatically generates a class that contains each of the resources as a property of the class. Unfortunately this feature isn't available in ASP.NET. Here's why and a utility that can create you strongly typed resources that work.

July 07, 2007

# re: ASP.NET Connections Fall 2006 Slides and Samples posted

Thanks for sharing your awesome work :-)

Patrik - Sweden
July 07, 2007

# re: ASP.NET Connections Fall 2006 Slides and Samples posted

Hi, and again thanks for this great work. I just want to ask a couple of questions:

Is this the latest release or is there a more resent release out there?

I'm going to use this great piece of work on a membership web site and I was wondering how to use the .NET framework role provider with this provider. I would like for every individual in a "Localization role" to choose if and when to show the Localization Icons. I'm not a coder myself so I was wondering if you could give me a hint on how to attack this problem?

Thank again!

ASP.NET Forums
July 10, 2007

# .resource .resx satellite assemblies..best approache.. - ASP.NET Forums

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