I've updated the code, samples and documentation for the wwDbResourceProvider project that provides a database driven Resource provider for ASP.NET. The tool provides two separate providers (one simple raw provider and one based on a full resource manager) as well an ASP.NET front end application that allows for dynamic resource editing and updating.

You can find the download, white paper and online samples here:

In this update there have been a handful of fixes especially related to RESX resource imports and exports which caused problems in certain RESX scenarios. In addition there have been a number of UI updates and fixes for the ASP.NET UI front end for editing resources in real time. I've also updated the online demo and hopefully added a few more restrictions that will keep the demo from breaking from malicious free form data entry. There are always some folks who'll try to screw things up on purpose (and i just dug my own grave, eh?). The new code adds a number of additional checks for invalid Locales and the a few more demo specific checks that disable certain features in the online demo that made it a bit too easy to break the application with invalid resources.

Keeping up with Demo Maintenance

Phew. Keeping up with keeping the demo of an administrative tool like this running as a demo is tough since this is a scenario that the front end wasn't really designed for. <shrug> I hope the recent changes will keep the demo running for a while, although I'm sure I'll have to update the data from time time. Thank god for Sql Data Compare, which makes short work of the update process - it's just a matter of remembering from time to time...