Sometimes it's the little things that make life easier. While working I frequently find myself dropping to the Explorer folder level for a number of scenarios:

  • Tortoise SVN/Subversion checking
  • Non-code files checking in Web Application Projects
  • Trace/log files for applications

just to name a few.

In the past I'd squirrel over to Explorer and navigate into the directory to get there.

In Visual Studio 2008 there's a super simple menu option that makes this process easier - a new project context menu option that lets you Open Folder in Windows Explorer:

this is such a little trivial thing but it's one that I find myself using constantly these days and it's a welcome addition in VS 2008.

There are lots of little usability tweaks like this scattered all over VS 2008 - it pays to take a quick look through menus you use frequently and see if there are new features buried that you might have missed out of habit - I didn't find this until a week into my Orcas beta...