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We had a pretty good sized earthquake this morning here on Maui. Apparently it’s a pretty sizable one at 6.3-6.6 somewhere off the coast of the Big Island about 90 miles away or so… although the actual shaking here was pretty mild.


The real scary part about it is that it hit at 7:15 or so – waking up to a roar and going why is the bed shaking is kind of a rude awakening. <s>


I’ve been in a few earthquakes in my time including the 1989 San Francisco (well Santa Cruz) one, but this one was probably one of the more dramatic ones I’ve been in. This thing was loud as hell, roaring in like a breaking wave even before the shaking started. I was up and running for the door frame – which is a feat for me at 7am! I guess it doesn’t help to have a house made out of toothpicks – eh, just wood and it sounded a lot worse than it probably was. There was none of the floor buckling I recall from the 1989 quake…


All of this did make for a quiet Sunday morning here though. They shut down the airport and the power was off for three hours. I got to catch up on my sleep after all…


Not everybody in the house took it so well though:



The baers weren't very happy. No coding today... So much for terror of the wild <g>...


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The Voices of Reason


October 16, 2006

# re: Earthquake

Glad to hear that you all are safe. But I think you should conduct some earthquake drills with your house mates. Just hiding beneath a blanket won't do any good <bg>!

Alex Feldstein
December 05, 2006

# Alex Feldstein: Earthquake at Rick's house!

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