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Updated jQuery and WCF 3.5 JSON Samples posted

Since I last posted my DevConnection samples, there have been a number of changes with jQuery and jQuery Ui. During the conference and for some of my own applications I'd been using intermediate builds of jQuery in order to be able to use the latest versions of jQuery.ui beta which at the time didn't work with the last public release (mainly because of the intearation of the Dimensions Plug-in into the jQuery core).

I've updated all the jQuery samples as well as the WCF 3.5 JSON samples from those sessions and fixed a number of small issues I didn't have time to address for the conference at the time.

You can download the samples and slides here:

jQuery Samples and Slides:

WCF 3.5 REST and JSON Samples:

The jQuery samples contains both the jQuery and WCF samples as there are samples that use jQuery to access WCF functionality so don't download both.

I've updated these samples because there have been a few questions in comments about some of the libraries not working properly because there were some jQuery.ui API changes and file name changes. This has all been fixed.

I've also fixed a problem in the WCF samples that is a result of the WCF date serialization bug I posted about a couple of days ago and ended up hanging the sample. Fixed now although I'm pretty sure that this is a new bug that was introduced somewhere in an updated - I know those samples didn't use to hang when I presented them.

Anyway, if you've used some of these samples before or just want to check them out, enjoy.

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Feedback for this Post

# re: Updated jQuery and WCF 3.5 JSON Samples posted
by sky August 03, 2009 @ 7:41pm
Thank you very much. I'm learning JQuery and WCF. I think your samples will help me.
# re: Updated jQuery and WCF 3.5 JSON Samples posted
by raghu December 09, 2009 @ 10:26pm

Thanks a lot for providing the samples and PPT's which helped in getting through..


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