A couple of months ago I posted an ASP.NET wrapper around Marc Garbanski's Calendar control. Just so was my luck that a couple of weeks after I created the control Marc rev'd the jQuery control, renamed it and basically overhauled the control for it's inclusion as part of the jQuery UI suite (which as of V1 is pretty sketchy).

Anyway, the new release of Marc's jQuery UI Datepicker control is now at V3.2 and there are a number of nice enhancements such as auto-positioning when the control is near page edges and would normally scroll off, keyboard navigation, a cleaner and more .NET compatible date format, keyboard constraining for date formats and a few name adjustments to various properties for consistency.

I spent a little time last night updating the ASP.NET control wrapper I built to work with the new client control:


The changes from the original control are fairly minor, but I changed the name of the control to jQueryDatepicker to match the client library. Otherwise the control is compatible with the old version with one exception: The date format has changed in this version. You can now specify date formats using more common .NET date format options (at least for month day year). The default automatic formatting will default to the servers default locale setting, which is the same as the old control. If you set the date format explicitly with the old control you'll potentially have to make a small change.

The control wraps jQuery, the datepicker client library js and css into resources by default so the control is self contained by default. Each of the resources can also be explicitly referenced or be left blank and then manually be included as part of the page.