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Weblog Posts in September 2012

Creating STA COM compatible ASP.NET Applications

When it comes to deploying STA COM components in ASP.NET only WebForms has native support for STA component. Other technologies like MVC, ASMX Web Services and WCF run only in MTA mode. If you need to run your STA COM Components in ASP.NET here is what you need to know and a few tools that help you create STA compatible handlers.

Passing multiple simple POST Values to ASP.NET Web API

One feature conspicuously missing from ASP.NET Web API is the inability to map multiple urlencoded POST values to Web API method parameters. In this post I show a custom HttpParameterBinding that provides this highly useful functionality for your Web APIs.

ASP.NET Frameworks and Raw Throughput Performance

I got curious the other day: How do the various ASP.NET framework compare in raw throughput performance? With so many development choices on the ASP.NET stack available today it's interesting to take an informal look at how raw throughput performance compares.