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Weblog Posts in December 2011

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Changing the default HTML Templates to HTML5 in Visual Studio

The default WebForms templates in Visual Studio still use the XHTML doctype headers by default. HTML5 doctype headers are easier to use and read and with HTML5 support now becoming mainstream and backward compatible with older browsers its time to switch those doctype headers. This post demonstrates how to change the default VS templates or create new templates altogether. With HTML becoming more prominent and the new headers being easier to read and smaller in size, it's

Debugging Application_Start and Module Initialization with IIS and Visual Studio

If you're running the full version of IIS and you try to debug your Web application's startup code in Application_Start you might have found that you can't debug this code as the debugger doesn't break there. Here's why and some easy ways you can work around this limitation.

HTML 5 Input Types - How useful is this really going to be?

The HTML 5 input controls enhancements seem like a nice feature - until you look a little closer and realize that that validation and styling these control enhancement use are likely going to interfere with your existing application logic and styling. Here are are some thoughts on the subject.

HTML 5 Input Types on WebForms Controls

HTML5 input types are new, and as it turns out ASP.NET Webforms input controls can easily create HTML5 input elements.

A Key Code Checker for DOM Keyboard Events

Handling keyboard input events in JavaScript can be tricky when you need to deal with key codes. There are browser difference and different behaviors for various key events. Here's a refresher on how keyboard events work and a utility that lets you test key strokes and their resulting key codes in the various events available.

Creating a Dynamic DataReader for easier Property Access

Custom dynamic types in .NET are great to wrap other data structures into easier to use and cleaner object.property interfaces. In this post I demonstrate how you can create a dynamic DataReader that allows access to a DataReader's fields using plain object.property syntax.
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