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Weblog Posts in February 2006

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Another wwHoverPanel Control update

I've posted another update to the wwHoverPanel ASP.NET control over the weekend that addresses some of the display quirks when adjusting the window position due to scroll off.

Retrieving Browser Scroll Position in JavaScript

Ran into a few issues for what should be a simple task today trying to retrieve the browser scroll position. Here's what seemed to work in my case.

Overriding ClientID and UniqueID on ASP.NET controls

When building client side controls, the ASP.NET ID generation scheme can sometimes get ugly for client side code. In some situations where you're dealing with one of controls overriding the default naming scheme might by overriding and UniqueID and ClientID to return the plain ID can make client controls much easier to work with.

A few updates to the wwHoverPanel Control

I've updated the wwHoverPanel control with a couple of fixes, one of which was a pretty major issue dealing with the control living in a container...

ASP.NET Page level callbacks and ViewStateMac...

I'm running into a situation with AJAXs PostBacks in the wwHoverPanel control where I can't see why the page is throwing a full ViewState validation error.

ViewState and OnItemCommand on an ASP.NET Repeater

I'm noticing for the first time that the OnItemCommand on a Repeater object in ASP.NET doesn't appear to be firing when ViewState for the Repeater is off. This seems odd, since the same thing seems to work just fine on a DataGrid without ViewState.

Exception Handling Dilemma in VFP

I ran into a snag with Exception handling in Web Connection where the new TRY\CATCH functionality isn't as complete as the old OnError based handler. Here are a few thoughts on this behavior and a workaround I ended up using in Web Connection.

File Copy Disaster - self-inflicted at that

Ran into a nasty surprise doing a backup copy with Beyond Compare tonight...

Giving ASP.NET 2.0 Web Application Projects a spin

The ASP.NET Web Application Projects Add-in for VS2005 is in Beta V2 and this release is quite workable in bringing VS2003 style projects back to VS2005. It works well, although it's still a little rough around the edges. Here are some thoughts and a couple bugs I ran into.

I'm speaking at the Hawaii .NET User Group on Tuesday in Honolulu

I'll be at the Honolulu Hawaii .NET User Group Tuesday February 21st doing a session on building a resuable ASP.NET toolbox talking about some tools I've built and use that I plug into just about any kind of Web application I create.

ASP.NET 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005: You win some, you lose some

With Visual Studio released now for a few months and many of us spending a fair amount of time in this environment it's time to take stock. For me it's a love/hate relationship with many really useful and productive features and a number of disappointments and productivity slowdowns in some areas.

SQL Server 2005 doesn't take remote Connections by default

While testing some existing applications on a new machine against a remote server today I found out the hard way that SQL Server 2005 refuses remote connections by default and finding the right place to enable them isn't where you'd think it would be.

Great Airline Booking Site: Hawaiian Airlines

Check out the Hawaiian Airline booking site which is a good example of good application flow in a Web application, as well as a good example of ASP.NET in action.

Moving SQL Server Databases and a few random thoughts on moving to SQL Server 2005

I'm still in the process of moving all of my data from my old machine to my current machine. Slowly but surely I'm moving my SQL Server databases from the old to the new machine and this process is far from streamlined. In the process I've run into a few minor issues with tool compatibility.

Visual Studio .NET 2005 Add-ins and loading from My Documents on a remote folder

Ran into an interesting problem today where one of my add-ins is failing due to the customer loading the add-in from a My Documents folder located on a remote machine (H: drive).

Weird SnagIt 8.0 Bug with West Wind Html Help Builder

Ran into an odd bug in SnagIt today after I installed version 8.0. Looks like delayed captures through the COM object fail to work properly with the Preview Window

wwHoverPanel AJAX Control for ASP.NET posted

I've posted a first version of my wwHoverPanel control for ASP.NET which provides some high level AJAX functionality including pop over Hover window support for remote URL content, Page level Callbacks with two-way JSON marshalling and more.

Element.clientWidth/offsetWidth in IE and Mozilla

Here's a few comments on capturing the dynamic width of an element in the browser using Javascript.

Turing off Http Keep-Alive and using Windows Authentication with IIS: Don't do it...

In an attempt to reduce the connections that IIS uses in AJAX debugging scenarios I tried turning off Http Keep-Alives on the server, only to find that it breaks Windows Authentication with IIS.

Getting an Windows XP Audio Driver to run under Windows 2003?

I got a new dual core machine finally and while I'm stoked I'm still holding off installing everything as I can't get a couple of drivers installed on my Windows 2003 configuration.
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